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    Do-it-yourself courses and options for helping you through the tough spots when you get slowed down.

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    When you are ready to go one-on-one with a coach, you can find solutions here to help you monitor and measure results.

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    If you need strategic help in life or business, there are several options to help maximize your effectiveness.

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Complimentary Tools & Resources

Develop the core skill areas of performance and entrepreneurship with immediately downloadable reports.

Entrepreneurial Courses & Training

Continuing where the downloadable reports leave off, are the full self-coaching courses.

One-on-One Coaching

For when it is time for us to start a conversation and find the issues that are more challenging than what you can uncover by yourself.

Coaching Testimonials

“Moments before my sessions with Chip, I sometimes think to myself, "Things are going so smoothly now; what can we possibly have left to talk about?" Each time, though, for 18 months, I gained new insight. I always leave focused and passionate about working on my business. As a solopreneur, I find consistent support indispensable to my ability to generate, plan and complete projects. Projects I didn't think possible are performing smoothly with generous results. One of these projects spent 20 years on my backburner! As always, Thank you, Chip!! ”

Clara L.

“Candidly (as Harlow and I sat down) I expected to have "heard it before"; about 30 seconds into our discussion I was suddenly reaching for a notepad. What I heard (learned) was a completely new and different way of approaching challenges and bridging the gaps that keep us from actualizing dreams. I was delighted by the original thought Harlow presented and (equally) the scope of implementable solutions offered.”

James C.

“During this one strategy session with Harlow, I recognized that I left $9,400 on the table with a client the day before. I wish I had done that strategy session sooner. I have applied Harlow’s suggestions to current and new clients and I’m happy to report improved rapport and success in my business.”

Frank F.

“Harlow's experience, philosophy, and attitude have been hugely helpful in my journey of creating a coaching business and aligning with practically giving my greatest gifts and offerings. He has a tremendous contribution to make regarding the human potential movement. Whether it's practical guidance and science around flow, daily disciplines on taking priority actions, or not to mention his technological background that's mixed so well with marketing and sales, Harlow is a full-package-deal coach.”

Kinan W.

“Harlow is a true master artist and coach. He takes you from where you are to where you want to be. He believes in the power of human potential.”

Jeremy L.

“Harlow has strong organizational skills and broad experience. I look forward to Harlow's motivating influence. Harlow is always helping & serving others and is a great person to work with.”

Donald C.

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